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Living a better life is not as hard as we all think it is. The Total nutrition team provides the services in Pune and around Maharashtra to make you aware of being healthy.By adapting some small changes in your existing life style you can look better, feel better and live a much more healthier life.

Total nutrition was started 2 years back to help people lead a healthy life based on nutriscience. Our Mission is to decrease the cases of obesity, Thyroid ,PCOD , diabetes , blood pressure , heartstroke and any related health problem.

We are experienced in resolving health issues and are here to take best care of our clients by supporting them Online & offline as well.

We follow Nutritional diet rather than Calorie based diet.

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Total Nutrition was founded by APARNA BARDE having required knowledge and wide experience of last 5 years. It was started to help people to lead a healthy life.

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Founder - Total Nutrition

Being from a middle class family I was brought up in a surrounding where I always had fresh home cooked food and followed traditional methods of eating. Also I played lots of different sports and was very active. (Not owned any vehicle that time as it was not affordable). After completing my graduation in Bsc Electronics, I was having great time in my job but I was sacrificing my health. Due to my hectic schedule , I was improper to my diet & having no excercise. I felt as if something is going wrong & that I am not fit and getting tired easily.

I took this as a challenge, to be fit and energetic, with my smooth running career. So took some short sessions with some health expertise but was still not that happy with my performance. So finally I took up a 1 year course in dietics and nutrition where I really learnt nutri-science. Being from science background I easily grasped the basics of body anatomy, nutrition & exercise pattern. After that also did a 6 months course in sports nutrition. And now there was no looking back as my metabolism improved & I learned how to be fit & healthy. My nature being helpful, this dragged me to help the society to always be fit and healthy as I learnt that good Health is the only way to success in life. TOTAL NUTRITION was started 2 years back with the aim of helping people make their life more healthier & happier.