See Calorie Diet Vs Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer your questions

Even though I am eating less I am not losing my Weight?

By eating less you are devoiding your body of necessary nutritients which won’t help you lose weight.

Within how much period of time I will lose my Weight?

Honestly it depends upon your metabolism, your commitment and I feel it should not be fast but normal healthy weight loss.

Will following your diet plan will make me look dull & Weak?

No, infact you will look more beautiful and lean.

Will my weight bounce back after completing my duration of diet plan?

Never, as diet will be planned keeping in mind your daily routine and activities. Emphasis should be given more on eating right.

Is it necessary to do workout along with your diet?

Yes dear!! Will have to do exercise of your choice along with the diet.

Is only walking few hours will help me to become healthy?

Only walking will never help, need to do strength training along with it.

I am having lots of food and daily workout but still I am not gaining my weight. Why?

You need proper nutrition at proper timings ,only lots of food doesn’t mean gaining weight.

I am having Hypo thyriod from last 5 years, how could you help me?

Proper diet, accurate workout and vitamin supplements will surely help you.

I am outside pune, how will you provide support to me?

We are available on Whatsapp, Skype so you can contact us through these.

How do I increase my sports potential and stamina?

Depending which sport you play You will be guided with perfect meal plan to achieve your goals.